Membership packages available from 1 January 2023. 

Club Fee

A yearly club fee, based on your average weekly participation of $19 per participant (ex GST).  E.g. if your club has 1,000 participants attending per week the yearly Club Subscription will be $19,000.

Coach membership and training

On subscribing to RGA and purchasing a membership package, any coach within your gym will be issued with RGA membership. There will be no additional cost for a coach to join RGA and no ongoing coach membership costs.  A coach’s ongoing membership is tied to working in an RGA club. Insurance coverage will be limited to this.

There will be no RGA cost for coach training.  There is a club requirement to ensure coaches are trained to meet the RGA coaching framework. Please note that there will be a one off cost of $500 (ex GST) per Assessor associated with the accrediting of a Club Coach Developer and Assessor.

Program and Curriculum (member access only)

To train your workforce, the Club will need to refer to the following documents. It is recommended that relevant Club staff spend time reading and understanding accreditation requirements: 

  • Coach Framework Policy
  • Coach Accreditation Guidelines
  • Curriculum, Learning Outcomes and Competencies – Coach Accreditation 
  • Curriculum, Learning Outcomes and Competencies – Mentor Accreditation 
  • Assessment Checklists – Bronze and Silver Coach Accreditation 
  • Assessment Checklist – Gold Coach Accreditation 
  • Assessment Checklist – Mentor Coach Accreditation 
  • Assessment Checklist – Coach Developer and Assessor
  • Coach Accreditation One-pager
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