Pathways & Training

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Coach Education Framework 

The Coach Education Framework has two accreditation pathways:  

Coach Accreditation Pathway 

  • RGA Bronze Coach  
  • RGA Silver Coach 
  • RGA Gold Coach 

Educator Accreditation Pathway 

  • RGA Mentor Coach  
  • RGA Coach Developer and Assessor 

Who delivers the training?

The Coach Developer and Assessor at the gym is your go to person. They will:
  • Design a training plan specific to your needs
  • Provide you with training, instruction and tutoring
  • Observe you coaching in the gym and offer support and feedback
  • Allocate a mentor to support your training journey
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What will I learn?

Training will take place in the gym and is a blend of online learning, practical hands-on experience, with ongoing assessment as you coach. For the Bronze Coach Accreditation, you will learn:
  • How to coach by completing online 2 online programs
  • How to apply the essential skills of coaching in the gym
  • Gymnastics drills and activities to coach participants in your gym
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