Recreational Gymnastics Australia (RGA) is responsible for designing and developing a Gymnastics Coach Accreditation Framework to focus on workforce development for recreational gymnastics programs including training, accreditation and provision of insurance to coaches who coach recreational gymnastics. This accreditation will be available from January 2023. The Framework aims to offer a simple, flexible and cost-effective training option for coaches of recreational gymnastics while delivering high standards of coach quality and safety. The accreditation names (e.g. Assistant Coach) are placeholder names at this time. All accreditations are for general gymnastics and does not cover coaching of trampolining. The accreditation does allow the coach to use bounce / rebound apparatus.

Recreational gymnastics is on the rise, with dedicated centres opening across the country and competitive clubs also expanding into the recreational space, to broaden their appeal and income streams
Geoff Lord, Belgravia Group Founder

Belgravia Group Founder Geoff Lord said with the growth of recreational gymnastics, it was important coaches had a dedicated framework for training, guidance and professional support.

“To support this growth, we need knowledgeable and passionate coaches who can grow and evolve as the industry grows and evolves.

“By setting out an accreditation pathway for recreational gymnastics, we can provide a foundation for recreational gymnastics coaches and motivate and guide them through a rewarding, progressive career.”

Geoff said the organisation will also advocate on behalf of the Gymnastics industry to improve access to quality, structured and continued learning.

“We’ll share our expertise with educators and policymakers, so they know how to strengthen gymnastics communities and evolve and enhance training and development. The future of recreational gymnastics depends on it.”

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