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Recreational Gymnastics Australia goes ‘live’

Recreational Gymnastics Australia (RGA) – a new industry-focused organisation supporting the recreational gymnastics sector – is now live and ready for members.
Founded by Belgravia Group, Recreational Gymnastics Australia will provide:
• An educational accreditation Framework, allowing coaches to access the necessary
qualifications to teach educational grassroots gymnastics programs to participants of all ages
and skill levels.
• Insurance for recreational gymnastics participants and coaches.

It’s the first time that Australian clubs have had the choice of an alternative provider for programs, training and insurance, said Belgravia Group’s Geoff Lord.
“We’re excited to be able to provide clubs and coaches with another option – it’s important to have choice and it’s time to get serious about a strong future for the sport in this country,” said Geoff.
“We’ve already received plenty of enquiries from interested clubs and we’re really excited to officially unveil the organisation to the industry and welcome foundation members.
“Many, many hours of work from our expert team have gone into creating a framework that will help guide the career development of recreational gymnastic coaches in this fast-growing sector of our industry.
“Not only do we hope to bring clarity and support to existing coaches, but also attract new talent to the industry and make it more affordable to commence and continue on a career path in gymnastics.
“The only way we can get more kids into gymnastics is to have more classes available and skilled coaches to lead the way. We want to lead the charge here for the industry and ensure skills shortages don’t continue to be a barrier for gymnastics participation in Australia.”

Among the first to sign on to RGA is one of Australia’s leading clubs, Delta Gymnastics, run by husband and wife John and Megan Mitchell.
Director John Mitchell said that clubs have been crying out for years to have access to an industry-responsive coach accreditation system that allows clubs to provide focused and quality training to staff.

“We need an organisation with simple and affordable services that can meet the needs of clubs supporting and building their workforce. In the end, it is what is required for the industry to grow and thrive,” said John.

For a limited time, Foundation club subscribers will receive a 10% discount for each of the first 3-years of subscription.
Clubs that subscribe to RGA and purchase a membership package will be issued with RGA memberships for every individual coach at their club. There will be no additional cost for a coach to join RGA and no ongoing coach membership costs. A coach’s ongoing membership is tied to working
in an RGA club. Insurance coverage will be limited to this.

Benefits of joining RGA for the recreational gymnastics sector of your club:
• No costs to for RGA coach training and qualification
• No costs to coaches to maintain their qualification and RGA association
• No requirement for clubs to submit participant personal data
• No barriers to getting your team trained and working – in the gym, on the job training and
assessment in timeframes to suit your clubs needs
• Flat rate fee for all participants based on actual participant numbers

Geoff said the organisation would become an advocate for this important sector of the gymnastics industry and maintain a collaborative mindset with other organisations.
“We’ll share our expertise with educators and policymakers, so they know how to strengthen gymnastics communities and evolve and enhance training and development,” said Geoff.
“We look forward to working with Gymnastics Australia, operating side-by-side to strengthen the overall industry and will continue to register our BK’s Gymnastics competitive programs with Gymnastics Australia.

“We all need to work together – the future of gymnastics depends on it.”

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About Belgravia Group

Recreational Gymnastics Australia (RGA) is part of the Belgravia Group which is a privately-owned group of companies that was first established in 1990 by Geoff Lord. The Group is on a mission to get kids active and has a range of businesses under its umbrella, the majority focusing on improving the health, happiness and wellbeing of the community. Some of Belgravia’s sister companies already operating in this space are Belgravia Leisure (managing over 200 aquatic, recreation and camping facilities on behalf of local government in Australia and New Zealand), Genesis Fitness (40 health clubs throughout Australia), Australian Sports Camps (has been running after school and holiday camps around Australia for over 33 years), Coaching Zone (have 32 group training fitness studios around Australia) and Ninja Parc ( fun indoor obstacle courses that are suited to people of all ages & skill levels).

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